Some say team, other say crew, we say community
Are community is dedicated to keeping the stoke in snowboarding and skateboarding. Being hyped on life and just having a good time. Life is too short might as well get souled out. We are currently working on building up our community in Western Canada. If you feel like you got it and are pretty hyped on life hit us up Go and Shred!


Justin Cahill

"Nutty Justin"

"If Snowboarding was a person it would be Justin"

Hometown: Revelstoke, BC
Age: 30
Wise words: Don't eat yellow snow
Favorite Move: FS over crook for skateboarding, Miller flips and cork spins on snowboards
Preference: Revy, nipple deep and steeeeeeep
Favorite People: My Biggest fan Caitlin Shaw, My Family, My friends at The Source Mark/Dave/Norm/Brett. My friends at NWT3K Nick and Jamie. Ryan at Souledout Handling company. All my homies you know who you are
Future Plans: Keep shredding these amazing mountains i call home with some of the best people i know, Always progressing.
Sponsors: Echelon Snowboards, Souled Out Handling Company, NWT3K, Source Boardshop Ekumenik

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Angus Hills

"Ghetto Gus"

"I can never get his name right so I started calling him Gus"

Hometown: Revelstoke, BC
Age: 16
Wise words: No such thing as too much speed!
Favorite Move: Half Cab Tail
Preference: Slushy Booters or Deep and Steep
Favorite People: Mom & Dad, The Homies, The Shitrats, The Sponsors, The Fans, The Women
Future Plans: ACMG Certified Heliboard Guide
Sponsors: Echelon Snowboards, Souled Out Handling Company, Taf Apparel, Society Skate and Snow

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Sales Team

Ryan Winters

Western Canada Sales/Owner
Love long walks in the pow and drowning myself in a bottle of faceshots. Always send it blind!!!
Hometown: Revelstoke, BC
Age: 13 at times...
Wise words: Enjoy the ride because you don't have your knees forever
Favorite Move: Ninjain' through trees
Preference: Powder in Japan deep or Powder in Revy Steep
Favorite People: Girlfriend, cat, the family, the riders, the snow and skate gods
Future Plans: Getting more and more people hyped on everything to do with skate/snowboarding.
Brands: Stinky, Echelon, Phunkshun Wear, Koalition Company

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