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We are currently acting as an agency (representation) for Western Canada and a distribution point for Canada serving brands that have an ethical outlook on snowboard/skate industry.

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  • Sockurday – The Boss

    5 Jul 2014

    Sockurday! This week the stinky socks the boss. Tell your boss how you really feel and bring it to work! Get some for work here! http://shop.yousouledout.com/collections/stinky-socks/products/stinky-the-boss-pre-order

  • #tbt patchfest 2012

    3 Jul 2014

    #tbt 2nd annual Patchfest (2012) the goons. Brass Monkey! @koalitionco

  • Sockurday – Captain

    28 Jun 2014

    #sockurdays this week the Stinky Socks Captain. low cut + mustaches for everyone Get yours here! http://shop.yousouledout.com/collections/stinky-socks/products/stinky-captain-pre-order